The Eternal Questions

Right now there is a short story I want to keep working on and another one I want to start. There are five nonfiction personal narratives I want to revise, get feedback on, and submit. There are two fellowships I need to apply for, and another grant application do work on. There are at least six more lyrical essays about adolescence that I want to write and haven’t even begun yet.

All of this makes me want to quit my job.

And yet… We’re in a recession. I have very little savings (but working on it, bit by bit) and student loan payments on the horizon. Gas prices are kicking everybody’s ass. My living situation, though it isn’t likely to change, could in fact change at any moment and require that I move with little to no notice. So how could I rationally quit?

And yet…if I had the time. The whole day. Every day. All day…Oh, the things I could get done!

The cautionary voices whisper: Balance. Patience. Money. Potential knee surgeries on the horizon ($$$).

Will the other voices be louder?

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