Survey Says…

Odds and Ends found in my electric company’s monthly newsletter:

Need someone to clean single man’s house.

Want car, any make or model, must run, for $100 to $150.

Need someone to catch beavers.

Hand quilted quilts, various sizes, colors and patterns.

Pet memorials, locally handcrafted from river stone, granite, wood or glass. $39-99.

FREE manure.

County Facts:
Population: 17,000
Number of households: 7,000
Median family income: $37,000 per year

Tinyville Facts: (this is the town 5 miles from where I live)
Population: 357
Racial makeup: 99.72% white
Ages 25-44: 24.4% of 357
Median household income: $20,000 per year
Claim to fame: Bluegrass star Del McCoury was born here

Average age a woman in the U.S. gets married: 25.9
Average age a man in the U.S. gets married: 27.5

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