Today the house was shown and I do not know yet whether or not it is going to be sold.

Today I learned Wesley is resigning from the craft school.

Today I prepared for my grant finalist interview, which occurs Saturday in BigCity, NC.

TodayI found a lovely definition for my favorite form of writing (aside from the essay): “What is a lyrical essay? Aesthetically, there is usually some sort of rhythm or logic to the language. The diction is often as carefully chosen as with a poem. Its paragraphs are organized like an essay’s, with a topic sentence, and its whole is organized like a piece of fiction or non-fiction—leaping around is common if not encouraged between paragraphs and no underlying structure is necessary. Lastly, the lyrical essay is different. It should not conform completely to any standards, it is an individual and fiercely so.”

Today is just a few more days away from what could be the most exciting Election Day in a long time.

Today there were 15 gloriously large wild turkey in the lower field when I woke up.

  • alessa

    Oh, hell. Is Wes sticking around or moving on?

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