Been studying for my green belt test since dinnertime this evening. Time to call it quits…but not before posting these corrections to the self test I prepared earlier in the week. This is especially for Lis, who I called a little before 10pm these evening when I totally blanked on how to pull off the defense of the double lapel grab and the rear cross-shoulder grab.

19. The first kihon also includes a reverse punch just before the low block.
20. Ippons 1-5 all have a double punch in them following the special movement…I left it out for some reason.
53. Our Shuri Ryu lineage is actually: Motubu, Matsumura, Hsing, Konishi, Trias, Pachevas, Roensch (Hanshi), self.

Wish me luck! I test tomorrow at 11am.

  • alessa


    It’s zenkutsu-dachi not zen kutsa dachi — remember Hanshi said the Japanese drop the last vowel sound.

    Everything Japanese gets spelled out in the handbook, which is great for yours truly, who can’t spell in English, let alone in Japanese.


    Don’t break anything today!

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