Number Crunching

Ladies and Gentleman… {drums please}

Shane Darwent and Katey Schultz are pleased to announce that a donation in the amount of $490 was received on this day, March 5, 2009, for the express purpose of meeting the Lost Crossings $2500 fundraising goal. The donation came from Great Meadows, Inc. of Spruce Pine, North Carolina, whose co-director grew up crossing historic swinging footbridges.

Speaking of the business of writing…

Tomorrow I file taxes and am happy to openly report that in 12 months 2008 I earned $5861 as a writer. This is a 20% increase over last year’s writing income. Furthermore, I had it in mind to fill a shoebox full of published clips for 2008. I usually give myself 2 years to fill a shoebox. In 2008, however, I did indeed fill that shoebox to the brim (single copies of everything I published) and am proud of that fact. To put this on context, in 9 months in 2008 I eared $7800 as a barista. Filing taxes will be a joy, as I think earning less than $14,000 annually will most certainly get me a tax return and the timing couldn’t be better, what with my recent job termination. Additionally, with the exception of education loans and one medical bill, I did not acquire any debt in 2008.

Here’s to simple living!
Here’s to single living!
Here’s to the writing life!
I hope this is just the beginning!

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