Reflections on Recent Studies

I have been reading parts of Jeremy and Karen Hayward’s book, Sacred World. They were students of Chogyam Trungpa. It is one of those books I can read again and again. In one of the chapters on fear and fearlessness, I appreciated the following quote: “Take a playful leap into fear and see what happens.” I have been using that as a sort of mantra on the spot when I catch myself feeling afraid or anxious or just keeping myself busy as a matter of avoidance.

I have been using two other mantras that I used to use all of the time: Om mani padme hum is the first one. This is especially helpful when I wake and when I go to sleep and any time that I am walking somewhere. I also use one from Thich Naht Hahn when I am driving: “Sitting in the car, I know where I am going. Driving in the car, the car and I are one.”

I also like Eknath Eswaran’s notion that the mantras are used to bring us closer to god (or gods or basic goodness or whatever you want to call it). Even when dealing with heavy emotions, mantras can cut the mind. There is always the idea that behind emotions there is the pure and simply sadness and joy of energy. Not good, not bad—just energy.

As a result of starting these practices in my daily life again, I am more present. I am starting to feel the length of each day. It is so rich and long and full of many moments!

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