Seeing with the Heart

It has been a challenging and rewarding week: I wrote two art essays that not only felt good to complete, but read well and show improvement in my style. I participated in (and have 2 days left of) a food and media detox as outlined in Week 1 of this program. I meditated, read spiritual texts, and did Feldenkrais movement therapy every day. I stuck to my writing and reading schedule from 8am-3pm (and sometimes later) for the third week in a row. And I received two more checks for Lost Crossings, completely out of the blue.

All of which is to say: The forsythia is blooming. Weeping cherry trees have lit their boughs along the North Toe River. The lichen on the old oak trees is a brilliant, lime green that glows after an early morning rain. The daffodils hang their heads like wet yellow flags through the thick, white clouds. The deer are braving the lower field once again, sometimes as many as six at a time. Little Rock Creek is a pure stream of whitewater, audible now from several hundred yards away.

I have been trying to hone the sixth sense of the heart. With discipline, openness, and affection I think I can get to a place of balance, one slowly unfurling day at a time.

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