The Specs

I have 10 active writing fellowship, residency, or professorship applications in circulation, 10 submissions of creative nonfiction or fiction out there, and 2 additional requests for funding for Lost Crossings from organizations.

I have two weeks of unemployment left until I begin applying on a weekly basis for the “extension program” authorized under the Obama administration.

I have six applications for jobs in foodservice or retail at “local” businesses (only one of which is actively hiring).

On Tuesday, it snowed 7 inches and I ran out of kerosene. This morning, I ran out of propane. Completely O-U-T. I have approximately 1 night of wood left for my stove, but if I split more I’ll have enough for 2 weeks.

I have written an essay a week for the past month, and have three more due in the next three weeks (all of which don’t pay until publication, somewhere in the next 4-12 months).

I have started 4 new short stories since I lost my job 8 weeks ago.

I have lost 19 pounds since November.

I have seen approximately 1 highly desirable bachelor in the past 5 weeks. By “seen” I mean noticed. By “noticed” I mean kept on thinking about. By “kept on thinking about” I mean over-analyzing his sentences. By which I mean, finally, I actually had a glimmer of sort of “digging someone,” which is a good sign because lately I’ve been uninterested in anything that wasn’t going to help me along my way to writing-rock-stardom.

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