Trail Days

A while back, some friends and I vowed to spend a week doing long day hikes in celebration of springtime. This week has finally arrived, and so far we have spent a day hiking Max Patch to Lemon Gap and back (and summiting). This is a section of the Appalachian Trail between Hot Springs and Asheville, NC. We’ve also done Hughes gap to Iron Mountain Gap, another section of the AT. Tomorrow, we’re hitting up Linville Gorge for the day and then who knows what after that.

Meantime, the writing work is piling up. I have two books to proof this week, an essay to write by the end of next week, and loads of writing emails to respond to. It will all be done soon enough…but for now, there are trout lily and painted trilliuam, Dutchmen’s britches and cinquefoil, club moss and squirrel corn, wild geranium and spring beauties awaiting me on the trail!


  • David

    Wish I could join you guys.

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