Three Cheers for Dr. Hero

It has been an eventful day, wherein I was given permission to both shower and drive. Oh joy! I can move at a speed of 1/2 mile per hour on flat surfaces. I have enlisted the help of—viola!—hiking poles, for assistance with said movement. I have furthermore enjoyed alcohol every evening since the incident, as it’s easier to come by than painkillers and less disruptive. The only known side effect of my antibiotics is “dizziness,” which is ironic seeing as how I walk with such a severe limp that one might assume I am perpetually dizzy by nature.

The dog owner called this afternoon to decipher “if we are still friends.”

“Of course!” I exclaimed, and we both laughed. The Jack Russell sat curled in my lap, liquid brown eyes looking curiously at the phone.

Dr. Hero, it turns out, likes IPA and needs a house/pet/garden sitter for a week this summer, and so our trade has been scheduled. I pledge to be available for such services during his vacation if his family would promise to clear the house of all glass objects before I cross the threshold.

The number one response from craft school friends when they ask, “Who is Dr. Hero?” has been, “Damn. You’re lucky.” As a testament to his reputation, three of four friends surveyed knew who Dr. Hero was and the location of his office, and an almost equal number knew about the talents of his wife, the writer/poet/community organizer.

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