Dessert In More Ways Than One

I think I just came up with the best dessert, ever. The best dessert, that is, if you’re officiating a wedding in six weeks and need to stay the EXACT weight you are or, better yet, lose 5 more pounds. It helps that I’ve already been working on this through my karate and cross training. But still. It’s summer–one’s natural inclination is to eat ice cream.

Tonight I had a small bowl of frozen green grapes and frozen blueberries (always wash before you freeze, and freeze them singly rather than on the vine). Then I added a splash of Silk Soy creamer and a handful of toasted, shredded coconut. Easy enough, right?

Perhaps it tasted that much better because I watched the following video of Andrew Bird’s speical appearance with Mucca Pazza. I’ve seen both the musician and this dance/punk troupe live, but never together. Pretty sweet!


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