Pine Tree Victory!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have officially earned my Okinawan Shuri-Ryu Pine Tree patch, having passed the physical and written exams this afternoon. I completed the physical test in 51 min 34 sec and earned 100% on the test. Oh joy!

Hanshi awarded the patch after grading my test and announced to the class that there are a few hundred of these out there within the Shuri-Ryu system. I’m the first person in the adult class at our dojo – Blue Ridge Martial Arts Academy – to take and pass the test. Two kids from the junior class have also passed it. Sienna (Hanshi’s daughter) passed her test long ago at their old dojo in Florida. Now we just need Lis (from afar) to pass it, Nate the nidan, and Jeff once his wife has their baby. Then it will feel like the whole family’s on board!

Since I don’t know how to put photos on my blog, I put one up on a temporary page from my website. Click here to see my newly adorned gi and stay tuned for more dojo updates as I test for Yonkyu (purple) this Thursday. Yeehwaw!

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