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If you had to pack your life-for-the-next-year into your car, which of the following means of making coffee would you pack. Choose only one:
A)   SAECO Incanto Sirius espresso machine (market value $1,000). Fact: The number one personal espresso machine in all of Europe. Fact: Travels best in its original, protective box, which is roughly 6 square feet.
B)   BODUM single-cup French Press (market value $17). Fact: French pressed coffee, when brewed correctly, has more caffeine per ounce than espresso. Fact: Fits inside the glove box of most vehicles.
Incidentals: The conductor of this Reader Poll holds a public bias toward espresso machines, having served the greater tri-county area as a barista for 4 years. (Case in point: How else do you think I got an espresso machine that is worth more than the cost of my Volvo? C-o-n-n-e-c-t-i-o-n-s.) Likewise, the conductor of this Reader Poll is a Capricorn and therefore occasionally manifests borderline Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Symptoms include meticulous packing and organizing, over-thinking, over-thinking while caffeinated, and over-thinking.
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  • Marisa

    Tough call there, Katey. As much as I love espresso, I think that the french press is probably the smarter move if you're trying to travel light.

  • Brianne

    French press all the way, baby. You're not going to be in a world without espresso machines, just a world without one at your own hands…which means you'll need to get out and meet some fun baristas to teach them a thing or two in exchange for some yummy drinks. Wishing you well on your adventures! Love to you, –Brianne

  • Exploratrice

    Uh-oh – I'm gonna beg to differ…I use a French press every day and love it, but I gotta say, espresso machine, all the way. It's rarer and finer, so you're more liable to miss it – and if you have it, you can depend on having perfect coffee wherever you are. (As someone who is aware just how rare finding quality espresso can be in the state of Michigan – sorry Michigan! – I can tell you that may be important!)

    Also it won't break, and it's not that much bigger than the French press, I bet, once you package the French press in whatever you must package it in to keep it from breaking!

    And if you find you must have a French press, they are not difficult to come by (and cost way less than $1,000), so you COULD replace it if needed. Not so w/the espresso machine (unless you make some really really hot new connections in the northern climes…& maybe you will!).

    Ultimately, you must do what least burdens you while best preparing you for adventure, and if this machine, perfect as it may be, makes you feel weighed down for whatever reasons, then French press it should be! Go with your gut. And happy packing! xoxo – wesley

  • Britt Kaufmann

    French Press.

    #1 – it is smaller so you can take more other things… or add things to your car after stage one of your journey

    #2 – not having the espresso machine will force you to adventure out in search of a good coffee house where you are more likely to meet new people unrelated to your job — break you out of your rhythm

  • Anonymous

    tie the espresso machine to the roof of your car 🙂

  • kimik

    French press. This from someone who packed a porcelain tea pot from Asheville to Anchorache and back, via a 4 year hiatus in Oregon. 6 ft (or 2 sq feet if not protected) footprint versus a 8 in x 10 in footie in box…

    But, you hafta decide yourself, OCD girl. HA HA, I have a new nickname for ya!

  • kimik

    BTW, kimik = lis = alessa ; P

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