No from Shenandoah (with the word “thanks” spelled incorrectly)
No from Nano Fiction (but a personal rejection requesting more work)
No from New Southerner (again, a personal rejection)
Radio silence from Seneca Review
Still holding my breath for Flash Fiction Online and Vermont Studio Center
YES from the International Art Critics Association & Creative Capitol Foundation accepting me as a Arts Writing Workshop Fellow (all expenses paid, 4 days, NYC)
12 submissions still out there…
I still think about Alaska approximately once every six hours. Two months ago today I walked on a glacier whose source was as high as 16,000 feet in the alpine peaks of the Wrangells in this country’s largest National Park.
Interlochen, Michigan received 209 inches of snow last winter. That is where I will be a writer in residence for four months this winter.
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  • Kari Weaver Hopkins

    Alaska sounds awesome. Having lived on the east coast my entire life, I never knew how that part of the country could make you feel.
    I drove out to Western MT last summer with my kids (that's where my Mom lives), and, after a certain point in central MT, I could totally understand why some folks head that way and never want to come back. Mom moved there from VA almost 25 years ago.
    You'll be going back to AK someday? How does the snowfall there compare to MI where you'll spend this winter?

  • Michael Kline

    I'm overwhelmed just thinking about all of those submissions!!

    NYC: Woohooo.
    Good luck on the rest!

    I was just looking at some pics from a friend on facebook. Denali? a glacier in Alaska? They were amazing.

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