Snowed Out

Nature never ceases to remind me who has the final say. After six days away from home, I loaded up my dad’s truck with empty boxes, my Thanksgiving luggage, groceries, and my computer. Not willing to hike this gear up in three trips (which would have amounted to just over 3 miles), I borrowed the truck in hopes of getting up the driveway.
What was merely a smattering of rain at the base of Pumpkin Patch Mountain turned to total white out at the top of Cook Town Road. Determined, I attempted the driveway hoping I could get to the top, unload the truck, drive back down to avoid getting snowed in overnight…then hike back up and start the slow process of heating the house from 48 degrees to something more hospitable.
Not a chance.
About 2/3 of the way up the truck spun out and several failed attempts later I found myself backing down the snowy driveway in defeat. Reluctantly, I turned south and drove all the way back to my parent’s house, unloaded, and bitched and moaned about how much I miss Lady Blue.
Tomorrow’s forecast? Sunny and 50. That’s the Blue Ridge for you. Here’s hoping I can get home, get back on track, and head to the dojo by 4:45 in time to assist kid’s class and then test for sankyu!

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