We loaded up just after sunrise but before staring the car I had to take Gus on a final walk. Twenty minutes through sunrise heading uphill into the Pisgah National Forest made for a fantastic farewell to the Blue Ridge. It was only on the way back up the driveway that I got a notion to scrawl some last minute “graffiti” across my newly assembled roof rack:
[The handblown lobster claw has significance: First, it was made at Penland by a dear friend. Second, since a very small age I have exhibited a unique capability for imitating “pincing” lobster claws with my hands. Third, the metaphor is fitting—I’m going after the world, claws forward, on to the next great thing.]
Today’s 9 hour drive into Ohio was uneventful, which is exactly what one hopes for when embarking on a long drive.
Favorite quote: When my dad told a gas station attendant that we were pleased about the forecast because it meant we’d be able to “sneak into Michigan between storms,” she just laughed. Then she turned to us, arms braced around her shoulders in mock hypothermia and said, “It’s Michigan. You can’t sneak in,” then laughed wildly to herself.
Favorite road signs: It’s a tie between Stinking Creek Recreation Area and Big Bone Lick State Park. (I kid you not.)
Most memorable landmark: As seen outside Dayton, Ohio…
[Is it me or does he look cold?]
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  • Anonymous

    Glad your trip is going well!! Safe travels and talk soon!!

    love, amy

  • Britt Kaufmann

    Chad and I never fail to snicker when we pass Big Bone Lick State Park on our drive back to IN. Of course there used to be a sign in Indiana for "Dickerhoff's" that we were also quite fond of.

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