Announcing TRACHODON

Ladies and Gentlemen:

John Carr Walker and I are proud to announce the new literary magazine, TRACHODON.
Our mission . . . Is to print the best of contemporary lit, art, and nonfiction about artisan culture in a small, handsomely designed journal, with a nod toward the “little” magazines of nearly a century ago; to stand behind our publication and our contributors by constantly seeking to increase readership; to present the stories that need telling—in ink, on paper—because they’re worth it. 
Our vision . . . Is to make each issue recognizable but unique; to create a quality periodical that can be read in one sitting; to put enough of ourselves into it that the journal will become something more than just another recyclable.
Click here for submission guidelines and more information about the magazine. Also, find us on Facebook by searching TRACHODON.

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