Week 4: Reflections as Writer-in-Residence

My reflections on week four are brief: I lived solo in the mountains for a long time and proved to myself that I can support myself as a writer when the equation is very simple. Part-time work, part-time athletics, the rest of the time writing. I learned so much about my abilities to be disciplined, determined, and to seek out opportunities.
Here, I am slowly emerging back into the world of distractions and scheduling by the hour, temptations and a higher level of responsibility in my job (even though it is still part time). My discipline is being tested in fits and starts. How much can I get done when I only have two hours instead of half a day? What else do I need to balance my life when my physical environment has changed so drastically? What needs did I have before that weren’t being met and can they be met here in a more accessible community?
While the busywork of a writer’s life remains do-able (editing work, web-related tasks, submissions, applications), the nitty-gritty of deep reading and deep writing is not quite where I’d like it to be one month into my position as Writer-in-Residence.
This coming week I vow not to make any excuses. If I have two hours, that will be enough for reading or writing. Even if I only have half an hour now and then half and hour later, then two hours in the late evening; that will be enough. I will use those brief periods of time to the best of my ability and see if I can possibly make that writing muscle I trained so hard for endurance tests also function in sprints and dashes.
The unanticipated complication, albeit a truly lovely one, is the fact that I have met someone and fallen into a rather serious and sudden relationship. It wasn’t on my agenda. Not like this, at any rate. (Why bother? I’m only here a few months…) but this, it seemed, was inevitable and so I’ve been enjoying companionship unlike any I’ve had in years. A true friend. A romantic partner. A fascinating possibility. The real test, I suppose, is whether or not my determination as a writer can withstand the benefits and challenges of letting someone like that into my life again. I sure hope it can
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  • Marisa

    Oh Katey! How wonderful!

  • Wesley Middleton

    Hey. Lovely. I have no doubt that your discipline will stand up, and even branch & flourish in unexpected ways, in the midst of this sweet new development! You sound grounded and clear as ever and sure of what you need to do. Kudos to you darlin. Onward!

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