Good News for Life on the Road

Good news, folks:
Today I received a phone call from the Executive Director of the Jentel Artist Residency program. I have been accepted as one of 6 residents (2 writers, 4 visual artists) for November 15 through December 13th!
I’ll be spending early winter in Banner, Wyoming with a private room, separate private studio, and group kitchen and dining room. Check out their website for descriptions of the 2-mile area where the residents’ “village” is located.
Housing, studio, and food stipend all provided. I thanked the director several times and told her I felt “really lucky” to be accepted into their program. “This isn’t luck, Katey,” she said to me. “People go to Vegas and get lucky. This is hard work. This is the result of a lot of effort and time that you have put in.”
W-O-W. An executive director who knows specifics about my work, my goals, and my personality? This place must be amazing. She also expressed genuine interest in my path as an artist, what I had plans for, and what I was most interested in.
I can’t wait!

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