Week 7: Reflections as Writer-in-Residence

The students gave teachers some kickback this week and they’re right on schedule. They’re sick of winter, sick of the indoors, and their restlessness comes out in myriad unwise ways. It’s been extremely helpful that I have experience with teens and experience with boarding schools. One thing I have discovered about being “in my thirties,” is that I have skills I can call up in no time and apply in the right situation. My life and work experience have started to pay off in little ways and that is really satisfying. It feels, well, mature.
My reading and writing continue and I think my goal is to increase the time I spend on these in small increments each week. I’m sufficiently in love with Heather McGowan’s novel, Dutchess of Nothing and hope to finish it this weekend (Interlochen weekends are Sunday-Monday). I wrote one lyric essay and one short short this week, did loads of editing work for TRACHODON and other journals, and kept up my regular snowshoeing dates with Leon Hammerhead. Lots of other reading in the form of news, online literary journals, and—as always—student papers. I applied for on more residency this week as well.
I’ve seen two faculty piano recitals since my last check in, plus The Moscow Circus. Coming up: a play, the jazz ensemble, and the winter dance performance.
Today it’s supposed to get up to an astonishing 45 degrees in a cloudless sky! The filmmaker and I are going to a wine tasting.

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