Week 9: Reflections as Writer-in-Residence

Not much to report by way of reflection for week 9 in this writer’s life “in residence.” I made it through filing 3rd quarter grades with much less struggle than one might have anticipated. This, I believe, was largely because I have worked at a boarding school before that required narrative evaluations. Ironically, the most time consuming part of the Academy’s grading requirements was calculating the letter grade. Once I figured out my system and checked it three times, I knew the hard part was finished.
The school is officially on spring break for the next two weeks. I have an artist to interview (and subsequent essay to write), continued work for TRACHODON (including a revision of some of our submission guidelines), the Sitka Residency application to fill out, one novel to finish, and a short list of stories I’d like to look at. Seems do-able, but when you add in the fact that I’m working out 2x per day and also want to get in a few day trips to scenic areas, and it looks like the time is going to fly by. We shall see…

So far, I’m really hoping to hit: the Mackinac Bridge (5 miles LONG!), Sleeping Bear Dunes, the lighthouse on Mission Peninsula, and as much lakeshore as I can fit in—any where, any lake—(this, of course, includes rock hunting).

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