AK 2010, Days 19 & 20: Into the Wild

AK 2010, Days 19 & 20: Packing Up and Heading Out
Good news, folks: One of my short stories was accepted by CALYX literary journal yesterday. A great publication and one I’m honored to be included in. They’ve been on my list for years! Also, the reading last night went well. We had about 25 people in the audience, all very interested and engrossed. I sold 9 chapbooks and there were lots of questions and statements of praise at the end. Felt great!
And now, we’re heading into the wild…
 [Aerial view, foothills of White Mountains]
Backpacking for 6 days in the White Mountains, north of Fairbanks and south of the Arctic Circle. KB had a family issue come up and so we had to cut our backpacking trip IN HALF (Ack! Double ack!). But I’ll be posting again with back-dated entries that log the trip once I come off the trail and hustle a few hundred miles south to Denali for destination numero dos.
See you next week!
  • Rocky Cole

    Congratulations on the reading, the sale of some chapbooks, and the acceptance of a story to CALYX. Can't wait to hear about the backpacking adventure.


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