A Good Day to Be a Writer

In the course of one week their responses roll in:
No from The Sun. No from Ploughshares. No from Serving House Journal. No from the Lorian Hemingway Contest. Yes from Ox-Box Residency Program but I can’t go because they made notifications late and I will be in Alaska.
And then, a day like today:
It’s almost too good to be true, but I won 1st prize in fiction contest, Honorable Mention in the same contest (for a different story), and one of my short-shorts will be published this week on The Outlet (Electric Literature’s blog that has over 34,000 readers a month). To top it all off, I was interviewed by Interlochen Public Radio this afternoon and got to have ice cream with a supporter of my work. Read more about all the news and find links to everything on my website.
Not familiar with Electric Literature? They’re publishing folks like Amy Bender, Rick Moody, and Michael Cunningham. They’re on my top ten to get published in some day in this lifetime. And they’re revolutionizing the way this culture interacts with the short story form, one issue at a time. Basically, they’re going to achieve literary world domination in the best possible way and being affiliated with their blog makes me want to leap up onto the roof and pound my chest. Read more about them at their direct website here.

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