Words of War

Fact: The U.S. spends $600 million per day on the war in Afghanistan.
Fact: The calculated “human cost” of this war is the death of 2 U.S. soldiers per day.
Fact: By September of this year there will be 97,000 U.S. troops and 47,000 troops from other countries fighting the war in Afghanistan.
Fact: More than 50,000 U.S. soldiers have returned from Afghanistan with 1 or more missing limbs.
[Wounded soldier throws first pitch at Astros game] 
Quote from the mother of SPC Matt Hertlein (age 19) upon his return home from Iraq: “It’s a nice change to have him home and have him goin’ to prom instead of goin’ to a war zone.”
Quote from SPC Matt Hertlein upon his return: “Grass, gentlemen. Grass. I’m about to roll around in it.”
Quote from U.S. soldier in Iraq, singing an impromptu rap to his buddies: “Sadaam Hussein, man, he ain’t done nothin’ to me. George Bush? He ain’t sendin’ his kids over here.”
Quote from begging Iraqi children outside of Bagdhad: “Give me chocolate.”
Graffiti on the side of U.S. operating base: “Home is where you dig it.”
Quote from Iraqi woman driving a car: “We want to decide our own future by ourselves. That is the real freedom.”

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