AK 2010, Day 40: Mingling with Mushers

You know you’re staying with dog mushers when, just as casually as we might expect mail to come to our door, 3,000 pounds of dog food are delivered:
Or when books like this dominate the shelves:
Desire & Ice by David Brill
Practical Guide for Sporting & Working Dogs by Dominique Grandjean
The Wilderness Route Finger by Grant H. Pearson
Dogsled by Slim Randals
The Lost History of the Canine Race by Mary Elizabeth Thurston
Glacier Ice by Austin Post
Trapline Twins and Riding the Wild Side of Denali by Julie & Miki Collins
Chips from a Wilderness Log, Paradise Below Zero, and The Wilderness Route Finder  by Clavin Rutstrum
Or when signs like this adorn the grounds:
And if you need a break from it all? Just walk into the woods where a view like this awaits:
  • Amber

    A break? Who needs a break from sled dogs? 🙂

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