Jentel Day 14: A Dark and Stormy Night

For one night, the high desert turned on top of itself.
And the wind howled like a train careening off its tracks.
And the cattle circled for warmth, frigid bodies pressed into the shape of black moon across the white prairie.
And the snow drifted into featherweight swaths.
And the bunchgrass rattled like hollow bones.
And the ruffed grouse huddled while the magpies cut through the storm, flight straight as a Sioux warrior’s arrow.

And the bald eagles stuck their scissored yellow beaks into the night, screaming reeet reeet raaaw.

  • Rocky

    A wonderful image of the storm. I was caught in a sleet storm near Tehachapi, California (just North of the Mojave Desert) around the same time. Visibility was close to zero and the sleet and snow came at me horizontal – the wind was blowing so hard. Not what one expects in the desert. Stay warm and keep writing, Katey.

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