Jentel Day 26: Redesign

Well, step two looks like spending the evening redesigning my blog while listening to Moby, Amy Winehouse, and The Carper Family (not Carter). The redesign has been on my mind for almost a year—ever since Blogger debuted their new settings, themes, and advanced design options. I’ve even signed up for AdSense, a mystery I haven’t quite figured out but one that apparently lends credibility to websites these days.

I hope you enjoy the new layout. Suggestions? Send them my way. I’m all ears. The AdSense boxes will be filled over the next few days. And I can’t quite figure out that AK photo on the right, but otherwise, I like the changes.
Meantime, it’s a snowy, windy night here at Jentel and I only have 3 nights left of wine with my new friends. I plan to tend the fire, play with paper, and start thinking about step three.
  • Shuff

    Well, obviously, I love the slat board background (I have it on my blog). But I also really love the way you've got the picturama on the side of the page. Very nice.

    A two for one comment inclusive of the previous post: I love the idea of finishing a work being akin to divorce. Though, it's not like you've cut the ties completely. It's probably more like you growing out of a relationship with an old high school boyfriend. I'm sure the two of you can go out for drinks sometime and have a good laugh.

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