Sorting and Chilling

I spent some time up in the attic this afternoon, sorting through boxes of books and deciding what I’ll need for Oregon, the mystery of May & June, and then summer 2011 at Interlochen (MI) again. This task, which I’ve recently been calling THE BIG SORT, was actually quite enjoyable this afternoon. With one year of residencies under my belt, I think I’m finally getting the hang of how to efficiently sort, plan, and pack for the next several gigs. It helps knowing the small details, too: such as the fact that I won’t need kitchen items, linens, or pillows for any of the places I am going (so far) in 2011. That frees up enough space in my car to make room for Steph’s duffel. Who’s Steph? She’s the pal who is helping me drive across the country next month.

With most of THE BIG SORT done, I’ve been unwinding slowly since I got home—taking time to wrap gifts, see a local band perform, and catching up with friends over the phone. I still have two editing projects and a freelance essay I need to attend to, but the more I let go of the list-making I usually do for each day, the farther I feel from those projects. This is good. I think I’ll stay this space a few days longer, then get back to it with a well-rested, chilled-out approach.

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