Taking Stock

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It’s been a while since I’ve taken stock of my current submissions, applications, and book list. Without further a-do, here are some stats…
Currently waiting to hear back regarding:
3 Residency applications
6 Post-graduate fellowship or “visiting scholar” applications
5 Fiction contest entries
4 Book submissions
14 General submissions to 6 different publications
3 Full- or part-time professorship applications
Current book tallies:
11 books read (that’s combining several short titles related to Wallowa history)
The best collection of fiction, so far, has been Lydia Peele’s Reasons for and Advantages of Breathing. I’ve got my nose in 4 other books right now, though, so she may be usurped just yet.
Current fiction tallies:
7 new short shorts since arriving in Wallowa County (and recovering from a wicked cold, and getting my cast off, and moving twice in a 5 week period)
1 full-length story revised
Current favorite website:
Odds & Ends:
–Current state of mind can best be described as restless, befuddled, constipated, over-focused, circular, semi-tortured, yet still the glass is half full.
–Current attitude toward my dreams: They’re dead on. Right down to the dream I had last night in which I was taking and shower and kept losing all my hair down the drain. But I never actually “ran out” of hair. Metaphor = SHEDDING LAYERS. Additional meaning = I ALREADY HAVE WHAT I NEED.
–Current attitude toward domestic pets: Cats are still basically a pain in the ass. Dogs (especially Gus), however, are saints, compadres, and all-around mind readers.
–Current major psychological battle: Getting back into physical shape after the cast, and trying not to be resentful/bitter/bitchy/sluggish/all of the above.
–Current mindset: A little lonely and travel-weary laced with that blasted determination that got me into this two-year tour in the first place. Embrace challenge! Look for the greater wisdom!

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