Springtime is the Right Time

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S continues to shoot 10-for-10. Each day passes and I startle myself by how much I enjoy him—his company, his calmness, his humor, his appearance, his intentionality. I don’t feel as brazen and skeptical anymore and if I were to make a confession this week, it would be that S is showing me I’m open to love again.
Now, let me be the first to say that I am not in love or even using that L-word yet in a specific context. What I mean is that I’ve finally met someone who is bringing out my capacity for patience and trust again, and whose ability to stay in the present moment is a quality I’ve already come to admire. When he’s with me, he’s with me 100%, which is a darn nice feeling these days.
We spend more time with his mom, who he cares for because she has Alzheimer’s. He works weekends at the pub and we stay late, sipping a closing-shift beer slowly and quizzing each other with Trivial Pursuit. We talk more on the phone. Email more. He sends more photos, shares some of his life goals and concerns with me, asks questions about my writing, assures me I’ll do well at an upcoming reading this weekend. It’s all little stuff, but it adds up to friendship and a growing attraction that seems hard to deny.
As I write, snow blows sideways and settles across the lawn, the road, a little patch of brave crocuses in the yard. But I don’t feel cold; not one bit. And then a phone call from S, this time just to say, “Hey. I had an amazing time with you this weekend. I always have fun when I’m with you.” Funny, I was just thinking the same thing.

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