Farewell, Wallowa County, You Have My Heart

Time has flown by and I leave tomorrow morning…
Tuesday’s new thing was a road trip to the northern reaches of Wallowa County. I stopped at Flora, Paradise, and Joseph Canyon overlook:
 (Paradise, OR – not kidding)
(Flora, OR – yup)
Wednesday’s new thing was going on a run for the first time since breaking my foot last winter. I was able to run 4 miles on two occasions this week!
Thursday’s new thing was clicking “send” on 14 packeted emails to NYC agents. I’ve never done it before. Now the serious waiting begins!

(Peeking through muddy car window)

Friday’s new thing was rally racing in S’s $500 Subaru. We had a blast, didn’t get stuck, didn’t break down, and made the most of my last day here. Tomorrow’s new thing will be leaving a piece of myself behind, part with this county and part with him:

Goodbye, Wallowa County. I’m beside myself with gratitude for all the love and beauty this place and its people have shown me for the past six months.

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