Siroptimist Thrift Store

Monday’s new thing was a visit to Wallowa County’s pride and joy, Siroptimist Thrift Store. According to just about everyone on Planet Wallowa, this is a must-see place. Incessant rain on Monday gave me the perfect excuse. This humble entryway is in fact the gateway to a grand bargain experience where everything is 25 cents. Yes, everything in the store. Donations are made, scholarships are given to local students, and occasional amazing items are auctioned off to the highest bidder to bring in extra dough for this charitable organization.
When I walked in, I saw a cute red-and-white striped tank top I wanted. I rounded the bend, browsed one aisle, and looked back to see that the tank top had been snatched up. With more than 25 people in the roughly 2000 square foot thrift store during the mere 20 minutes I was there, I could tell this place does some serious business. My find? A salmon-orange petite corduroy overcoat perfect for cool summer evenings. The cost? Twenty-five cents, of course! Oh, and if you have a problem with any prices, here’s their response:

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