Madrono Ranch Arrival

Welcome to Madrono Ranch, faithful readers! The next three weeks promise to be full of adventure, hard work, and a lot of meat. I arrived from Houston to Medina this afternoon to a fully stocked freezer of meat, which seems about as Texas as you can get. Out here in Hill Country, it’s not a bad thing to be “full of bull,” as they say. But of course, Madrono is a working Bison Ranch, and I’ve already tasted some for dinner and biked through a herd of twenty-head before the sun set. I’m staying at the Lake House and the other resident, a novelist, had to cancel due to medical issues. Looks like it’s a solo show for this here writer. Nothing I haven’t done before, but definitely in a place I’ve never explored. I can’t wait to get started! Stay tuned for a “Cowboy Fact of the Day,” explorations of Texas Hill Country, and reflections on war writing…all brought to you by The Writing Life. Meantime, here’s my new digs:

  • drew

    Wow! Swanky digs. Congratulations on a great gig.

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