There’s nothing that says home in Appalachia more than the wind-blown gold, red, and orange leaves that greeted me at the end of THE CLAW’s latest 1300-mile journey. The car cruised seamlessly, I encountered no bad weather, and was welcomed home joyfully by my brother (Gus, the elk hound) and parents. It’s been 10 long months since I got to see these mountains. Too long. Yet already my time grows short and the days fill with work. Here’s a peek at what I’ve been missing. My parents live in a 1,000 square-foot home at 3000-feet elevation in the Black Mountains, a spur-chain of mountains off the Blue Ridge in Western North Carolina. You can see why it’s a hard place to ever want to leave:

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  • Shuff

    What a delightful picture entry. Parents are great, huh? Hope your trip is bountiful. Saw your route and wished it went a bit further North (towards Ohio and ME). Much love.

  • Mary

    Oh I love their place!

  • Oma

    Oh Katey, how proud your parents must be!

  • jim parlier

    Welcome home from the Pensacola side of the mountain….

  • Katey Schultz

    Thanks, Jim! We'll be all up and down both sides of the peaks today as we shoot for the footbridges!

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