Editor on the Upswing

I’m happy to report that I’ve been accepted as a paid fiction reader and creative writing instructor for Our Stories Literary Journal, one of the only peer-review literary journals that offers professional feedback to emerging writers, publishes a high quality online magazine, and offers a variety of courses for all levels and creative minds. Like much of my contract work, I’ll be able to fulfill these part-time duties from any location, thanks to the Internet.
I’ve been working for a number of years on developing the editing side of my business. I can now say I serve on the staff of three literary magazines: TRACHODON, Memoir (and) Journal, and Our Stories. My services page details the independent editing I offer and right now I have four memoir students that I work with monthly via correspondence, 1 arts group I serve as Press Manager for, and 1 independent artist who employed me to write website content. I’m actively seeking more students to work with.
It’s all slow and steady, and that includes not just writing stories (my favorite part) but also working the build a viable business. I’m self-employed and have been for several years. Just this summer my blog (after six years) gained enough momentum to start persuading me that The Writing Life offers something unique and worthwhile. After all, over 4,000 monthly viewers are supporting these words and that’s not something I take for granted. This September I was finally able to afford health insurance for myself as the self-employed founder of my business, Writer at Large. This week, I’m prepping to meet with a film crew from UNCTV for two days of shoots featuring the stories detailed in my chapbook, Lost Crossings.
Here’s to the long haul and the mini-victories along the way!

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