Lost Crossings Shoot: Day 2

We finished up on Friday
with great weather, great luck in on-the-spot interviews, and great cheer all
around. We interviewed local legend Byrl Ballew of Ballew’s Country Store and
the one-and-only Corrine Canipe, wife of George Canipe who designed and built
all 13 of Mitchell and Yancey County’s historic swinging footbridges.
For all those hours spent
in the field, the feature will be 9-11 minutes long. I can only imagine the
work the film crew has ahead of them with regard to video editing, etc. But
they obviously love what they do…it showed right down to the cameraman’s
willingness to climb the side of a rotting footbridge just to get the right
angle for the shot!

More in photos:

“It’s right here guys, through this rhododendron thicket. Ready? Let’s go!”
Mike, the cameraman, climbs the side of a closed footbridge for a dramatic shot:
Corrine Canipe remembers her husband at the end of a work day:
“He smelled like tar…”
Corrine is 87 years old. She remembered me when we knocked on her door unannounced, even though it had been three full years since our interview!
THE CLAW farewell to the UNCTV/PBS team at the intersection of 226 and 19:

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