Day 35 VCCA: Relics of a Residency

Leaving is never easy, but I’m getting better at it. Goodbyes can still be hard. I often look inwards for answers. Did I reach my goals? Make good use of my time?

Here’s the quantifiable answer:
  • Read 7 books
  • Finished an in-progress draft of 1 short story
  • Wrote 2 new short stories
  • Started research for a 3rd new story (featuring a devout Muslim Iraqi male in Baghdad)
  • Revised and submitted 17 flash fictions (non-war stories) to a chapbook contest
  • Applied for 4 fellowships, 1 residency, and 1 teaching position
  • Submitted to 11 literary magazines or anthologies
But of course, there’s the unquantifiable. Did I learn something new about my process? Yes. Did I forge meaningful connections with other artists? Yes and yes (and on and on). Have I answered any of the “big questions” I had regarding craft or career? Yes. Do I want to come back? Yes.
When I pack of THE CLAW and hit the road, my load won’t be any lighter than when I arrived. But my spirit will be filled! My manuscript (on my computer) will be heftier! And I‘ll have a few paper-thin relics from my time at VCCA safely tucked into my journal.

[Relics of a residency: a map of Morocco with instructions to visit Rahim and Aziz, a paper cut-out invitation to Fellow Katherine Fahey’s puppet show cranky performance, a dollar bill stamped “When Will Enough Be Enough?” from artist Delanie Jenkins, and a four-line poem written for me from Conrad Hilberry.]

  • Ellice Teems

    You never cease to amaze me, Katey Schultz! It is one of my great pleasures in life to know you and to call you "friend."

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