2011 List of Books Read

I’m packing and tidying here at my parent’s house in NC, prepping THE CLAW for it’s upcoming vacation (I’m flying–not driving–to Alaska) and getting my ducks in a row for 9 weeks of living out of a backpack. But it wouldn’t be a proper end to the year without recounting the books I read in 2011. In some cases, several books are listed as one because they were shorter and along the same subject matter. Tomorrow’s post will list mt top ten culled from this:

1. Wayfairer: A Voice from the Southern Mountains by James Dickey

2. Electric Literature (vol. 4, 5)

3. Loooking Back at Wallowa Lake: A Photographic Portrait, ed. Mark Highberger
 Chief Joseph and the Nez Perces: A Photographic History by Bill and Jan Moeller
Angel from Paradise: The Life and Times of a Wallowa County Cowboy by Barbara Jean Price, Beverly Anne Davidson and Ruth Kelsay Berland)

4. They Say, I Say: The Moves that Matter in Persuasive Writing by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein

5. Nuts and Bolts: A practical Guide to Teaching College Composition, ed. Thomas Newkirk

6. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain (abridged)

7. Pioneering in the Wallowas: Four Frontier Tales by Lloyd W. Coffman
Bits of Wallowa County Lore by Claudia Killough
The Train Comes to Wallowa County: A Brief History by Bear Creek Press

8. Smile at Fear by Chogyam Trungpa

9. Reasons for and Advantages of Breathing by Lydia Peele

10. Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction, ed. Tara L. Masih

11. The Life of Milarepa, trans. Lobzang Jivaka

12. You Have Time for This: Contemporary American Short-Short Stories, ed. Mark Budman and Tom Hazuka

13. Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri

14. Choosing Me Before We by Christine Arylo

15. Four Lines A Day: The Life and Times of an Imnaha Ranch Woman by Janie Tippett

16. The Coast of Chicago by Stuart Dybek

17. The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Heidi Durrow

18. Nonfiction and fiction from issues of: Creative Nonfiction, Hunger Mountain, River Styx, Third Coast, and Gettysburg Review

19. Driving with Dvorak by Fleda Brown

20. An American Map by Anne-Marie Oomen

21. A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold

22. The Truth of the Matter by Dinty W. Moore

23. Temple of Air by Patricia Ann McNair

24. The Alamo by William W. Lace

25. Houston 1860-1900 by Ann Dunphy Becker
Houston in the 1920’s and 1930’s by Story Joanes Sloane III
Historic Photos of Houston by Betty Trapp Chapman

26. Del Pueblo: A Pictorial History of Houston’s Hispanic Community by Thomas H. Kreneck

27. The Cowboys by William H. Forbis

28. Unearned Pleasures by Ursula Hegi

29. Exploring Game-Changing Tactics of Online Marketing by E-Junkie

30. Listbuilding for Bloggers by Phil Hollows

31. All that Work and Still No Boys by Kathryn Ma

32. Texas Heartland: A Hill Country Year by John Graves

33. War by Sebastian Junger

34. Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan by Kim Barker

35. The Room and the Chair by Lorraine Adams

36. The World Made Straight by Ron Rash

37. Once Upon a River by Bonnie Jo Campbell

38. Fiction from: Kenyon Review, Our Stories, Electric Literature

39. Distance Between Us by Masha Hamilton

40. You Know When the Men Are Gone by Siobhan Fallon

41. Hint Fiction: An Anthology of Stories in 25 Words of Fewer, ed. Robert Smartwood

42. The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq by Helen Benedict

43. Sand Queen by Helen Benedict

44. Sea Level by Roger King

45. The Story of Sitka by C.L. Andrews
Sitka and Its Ocean/Island World, ed. Robert A. Henning

46. Alaska Blues by Joe Upton

47. Winterkill by Craig Lesley

48. River Song by Craig Lesley

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