Call for Support: Monthly Fiction

In addition to documenting the AIRSTREAM saga, this week I’m promoting Monthly
Fiction as a gift idea or general purchase to help support my writing
life on the road. 12 stories written by me for just 12 bucks, delivered right to your inbox over the course of 12 months.

From “Poo Mission” in Monthly Fiction by Katey Schultz:

When we got back to the main room, most of the guys were asleep. I could hear Ruiz snoring and right next to him laid Sergeant Fisher, twitching away in some sort of half sleep. It’s an odd thing, seeing your squad so vulnerable like that. They almost looked like strangers—my brothers, my fellow Marines—the way the moonlight cast a blue light across their bodies. It made them look holy. More than anything, it made them look dead.

From “Paddy the Albino” in Monthly Fiction by Katey Schultz:

That’s when I started crossing myself. One foot on the sticks, another on dry land; the arms of God be ‘round my shoulders. Then two feet, side by each, moving in slick circles as the logs rolled beneath my boots, hungry water biting at my heels. Let it be known that I never once drowned my peavey on the open waters. That I never once lost footing, the arms of God be ‘round my shoulders. That though I crossed myself at every bend in the river, I kept two eyes on the current. That on my first drive, I saw a man clamped halfway underwater in a jam, the entire river pressing logs into his guts. He begged me to shoot him, the arms of God be ‘round my shoulders, Heaven’s company upon my lips. I rolled on by, the logs gnawing into him like teeth.

Monthly Fiction is 12 for 12 in 12, the gift that happens all year long. Please help keep my writing life on the road and consider a purchase. Buy now!

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