The Writing Studio: Felling the Widowmaker

Dad and I worked on tree number two this weekend, a standing, dead maple that folks usually call a “widowmaker” for its likeliness to fall at any moment and kill somebody. Hollowed out almost completely from the ground to about fifteen feet up, the tree was top-heavy and canted downhill, slightly opposite the direction we needed it to fall. Using the chainsaw to notch the tree, Dad finished it off with a good ol’ fashioned wedge and mallet.

Since this one was particularly unpredictable, I stood far away in the driveway and sat down with the dog, making sure he didn’t get in the way either. What else to do than shoot a little video? After it came down, I hauled brush and branches and stacking the widest limbs into a pile for re-use. Two trees down, one more to go! Meantime, the AIRSTREAM Sovereign should arrive on Wednesday. Stay tuned… 

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From “Amplitude” in Monthly Fiction by Katey Schultz

Hacking through the barbed wire was a cinch. And we both knew about climbing chain-link fences. But taking hold of that first rung of the maintenance ladder at about eye level was another matter.

“Ladies first.” Ben gestured.

“Fine,” I said. “But I need a lift.” My heart dropped to my stomach and I could have punched him. How could I be so brave and so chicken-scratch at the same time?

Ben put his hands on my waist. I wanted to stop right there with all his strength wrapped around me; just keep that energy for my own and use it someday…(read more)

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