The Writing Studio: We’ve Got Power!

Today was a moment of truth for The Beacon, our Airstream Sovereign we’re slowly but steadily turning into a writing studio. It’s no small wonder what one little univolt adaptor for $6.97 will do, converting 120 AC power to 12 volt DC. Using that, Dad plugged The Beacon into the side of the house and we dashed inside the trailer to see what worked and what didn’t. Upon entering, we heard something roaring in the back bathroom and something else buzzing up front…

The roaring was the bathroom fan on high (it works, check!) and the buzzing was the fridge and living room light with dimmer switch (check, check!). Next up, we tried the air conditioning fan (check!), the microwave (check!), the bedroom and bedside lights (check, check!), the panel control lights (check!), the exterior body light (check!), the living room lights (check – but we need 16 mini-bulbs), and most fun of all—the original stereo and 8-track player (check!). So pleased with ourselves we were, we made a video demonstrating the future domestic capabilities of our little trailer slice of heaven. Note the surround sound speakers; the mold-free, squeaky-clean fridge; the brillo-pad-scrubbed stovetop; and the original light up control panel.



Of course, there’s the back end of the Airstream, which Dad diligently tackles each day and which I just as diligently deny is there: the bathroom. Dad’s already ripped the carpet up, extracted the toilet and water heater (taking the latter to the dump), and gutted the insulation and piping from the bottom up. Working on his back with safety goggles and a Sawzall, he released the Airstream’s “belly skin” (as it is called) to find this ugly mess. He sawed the rest away beneath the bathroom and junked it all before I even had time to finish letting the Pledge dry on the indoor wood paneling. It’s been one week of ownership and my, are we having fun!

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