Sitka Day 11: The Digs

It somehow escaped me on this most recent leg of my journey to post photos of the writer-in-residence digs. Over the past 25 months I’ve stayed in houses, off-the-grid cabins, residence halls, and the like. I’ve been down at the bottom of a canyon and up in the high desert, along a river and now an ocean, deep in the woods and in small downtowns. Here in Sitka, I’m on the campus of Sheldon Jackson College (no longer operating) in a little buidling with 9 apartments. Maybe this is an Alaska thing, but I find the hallways to be quite unique. My college dorms/apartments certainly didn’t look like this:
The apartment is small but absolutely functional, and the big window is really helpful for writing. Two blocks from the shore, even fewer to the National Historic Park, and walking distance to just about every basic errand. It’s a sweet set up, and those of you out there considering residencies might take note: the next deadline for the The Island Institute‘s residency program is April 15th.
  • Athena

    Amazing! I must say, this is the perfect home for a student like me. It's stylish and unique. I hope I could find new homes for sale like this one.

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