Black Mountains Backpacking Video

I ventured on a two-day solo backpacking trip earlier this week and managed to get a walking tour of 7 summits in North Carolina’s Black Mountains on video. These are my backyard mountains, folks, and if you live here then you’ll enjoy seeing home from high up…and if you don’t, then welcome to the Pisgah National Forest. These mountains are the highest range this side of the Mississippi River! I’m new to homemade videos and certainly new to “nature films” or outdoor shooting, but here’s a stab a some of the highlights. You’ll see footage of the Colbert Creek Trail, Black Mountain Crest Trail, and Woody Ridge Trail along with summit views of Balsam Cone, Cattail Peak, Potato Hill, Winter Star, Gibbs Mountain, Horse Rock, and Celo Knob. Enjoy the soundtrack of Tony Rice, David Grisman, Bela Fleck, Darrel Scott, and Tim O’Brien while you watch!

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  • Bryony

    Dear Katey,

    I am SO impressed you hiked and camped alone – very courageous. Beautiful video, nice piece. Well done! Thanks for sharing.

    Best, Bryony

  • Mary

    Love solo camping. So jealous that you got to go when it is still winter here, but glad you did. Looks beautiful.

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