Side Trip: Canyonlands Backpacking [video]

There’s no other way to explain it
other than to say that sometimes you just have to pick up and go, no matter
what else you’re in the middle of…and so it was that I found myself with 11
other women on a 4-day backpacking trip last weekend.

Folks flew and drove in from all
over the country and met up in Salt Lake City, loaded a 15 passenger van, then
headed south 6 more hours into Canyonlands National Park. Between us we covered
the gamut of careers–nurses, mothers, lawyers, a zoologist, an HR
director–and though many of us had never met before, we all knew at least 1
other woman in the bunch. Here’s the video, with much love to the
“Backpacking Bettys” for a more than memorable adventure:

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  • ptbodywork

    Thank you Katey for this video! I lived, laughed, and loved the trip all over again! This experience will never leave my memory. I will look at this video many times in the future.
    Big hugs and kisses to all the girls on this adventure! It was truly a privilege to meet you. I hope to see you all again soon.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE IT! What a fabulous way to remember our trip.

  • dteslevich

    Such a wonderful way to remember our Canyonlands trip, just lovely. Thanks Katey!

  • Anonymous

    Loved it! Thank you Katey!

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