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This weekend, for my 34th birthday, I got to wake up in a new place: a writer’s apartment on the campus of Randolph College in Lynchburg, Virginia. Yes, I took my life off the road. Yes, I live in North Carolina in an Airstream. And also: Yes, in order to support myself as a writer I will need to be able to go away a few times a year to further my career.

The Emerging Writer position here is something I had my eye on ever since a woman who won a book prize I also applied for, posted it in her bio. Hmm, I thought to myself, what’s that? I’d never seen the position advertised on AWP. But I did my homework and contacted the department and found out how to apply. Then I waited for two years…
until timing and needs were right, and in the meantime kept in touch with the department and even met up with one faculty member when I happened to be in the area last year at VCCA. About 9 months ago, I was awarded the position and felt delighted to learn that it comes with travel stipend, room, board, and writing stipend. I’m honored to be here amongst the pillars and historic, tall, brick buildings. Pretty soon, I’ll get to meet the students…

For the next 6 weeks I’ll teach a 1-credit course through the English Department titled “Entering the Creative Process” that meets twice a week for an hour. I’ll hold office hours, plan class, and grade papers. I’ll also engage with the community and give a public reading (February 6th!). But more than anything else: I’ll be working on my novel. I can’t wait to begin!

(And for those of you scratching your heads thinking that Randolph College sounds familiar but you can’t place it, about five years ago they changed from the all-girls Randolph Macon College, and went co-ed.)

In the true spirit of my previous journeys, I’ll begin by sharing pics of my new digs:

Stay tuned for details on teaching, learning, writing, and the creative process! I miss the Airstream, but I will say it’s already nice to take a shower that’s longer than 4 minutes and to let my feet hang off the end of the bed and to be able to do yoga without hitting the ceiling. Let the campus life begin again! 

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