Sneak Preview of Flashes of War

I’m very pleased to be able to share the first full length story in my forthcoming collection, Flashes of War. This was published recently by Hot Metal Bridge, the literary magazine of the MFA in Writing program at University of Pittsburgh. They were interested in stories themed around “conflict and confluence.” As stated in their Editor’s Note, this story “takes us to a town in Arkansas where the landscape of America becomes an unfamiliar layover for a soldier who is ‘Home on Leave.’” To read the story, follow the link at the end of this opening paragraph:

Home on Leave by Katey Schultz

One minute Bradley’s at the dinner table shoveling homemade rhubarb pie
into his mouth and the next he’s tearing down the driveway in his Ford
Ranger, clean Arkansas air slapping him across the face with that
unmistakable feeling of home. It’s been ten months and twenty-three
days, but who’s counting? Not Bradley. Not anymore. Not since he kicked
off his combat boots, hugged his mom, and split a six-pack with his old
man. Not since now, miles clicking along the county road as the Ranger
pushes seventy and Bradley tries to make it to his brother Jared’s house
in under ten, like before…
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