Notes from Halfway

For local readers, a quick PSA regarding today and tomorrow’s key book events:

Benjamin Busch
  • Join me Monday, July 15 @ 2pm at The Cottage Book Shop in Glen Arbor, MI. This is a dual author event with actor, Iraq war veteran, filmmaker, and author Benjamin Busch. (Ben’s memoir is Dust to Dust and he played Officer Anthony Colicchio in “The Wire.”) We’ll each read from our work, have a conversation, and take questions from the audience. Have fun in the sun, jump in the lake, then come cool off in the shade as we read beneath the pines at this outdoor event.
  • Also today, July 15 @ 7pm at Dog Ears Books in Northport, MI. Come for a reading, book signing, and short conversation at the close of what looks like it will be a very beautiful day to be reading along the shores of Lake Michigan.
  • Finally, check out Up North Live 4&7, Traverse City’s NBC-affiliate news station around 6:12am on Tuesday, July 16th. I’ll be featured in a 3-minute interview to discuss Flashes of War and announce upcoming events. Friends outside of Michigan can view the TV clip on Up North Live’s website as soon as it is archived.

Meantime, this book review by DL Hartman went live last week with 5 stars, her “talk radio” interview with me will publish later this month, and I’ll be on air in a week and a half with Interlochen Public Radio. It feels odd sitting down to blog, and letting all of this spill out. But if I’m not talking in Tweets or getting directions to a bookstore, I seem to be at least thinking about what’s next, and that has spilled over into…everything. Between faculty readings for friends, 4 hours of teaching a day, and keeping up with some freelance work…my Interlochen book tour summer is turning out to be a little busier than I prefer. That said, there’s still time for good food and laughter every once in a while. Meet the Creative Writing Faculty for this year’s camp, and the fine women I’ve made company with for the past few weeks:

Thanks for bearing with me through the highs and lows, the overbookings and underbookings, the reviews and mysteries, the miles and milestones. I love it up here in Lake Country, but I can’t wait to get back home and attend to the parts of my life that have been on hold for far too long. Four more weeks…

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