Flash Fiction & Nonfiction Writing Opportunities

No, not that kind of flasher, silly! Flash writing–as in, 250-750 word stories and memories.

I have 6 open spaces in my February offering of Weekly Flashes for fiction or nonfiction writing. Nurture you creative desires with a perfect balance of inspiration, challenge, and coaching by receiving a weekly prompt, reading sample, and critique of your work. We’re all human–it’s natural to need a little nudge, deadline, or reminder. We’re also all busy–and it’s easy to cast aside personal goals or professional development in light of pressing priorities. Certainly, kids still need to be fed and bodies still need to be exercised; bills paid and books balanced. But what’s an hour a week? Two hours? Consider this an opportunity to generate new work and tap into the quiet reserves of wintertime creativity with help from a pro while you’re at it. 

The cost of the program is $120. If you sign up and mention that you read about Weekly Flashes on The Writing Life blog, I’ll offer a 10% discount for a total of $108. For further details about the program, click here. For other offers, click here. Hope to see you in the flash world!

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