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As I prepare materials to teach my upcoming 10-hour workshop, “What is Flash Fiction and How Can It Improve Short Stories and Novels?” I have taken the opportunity to research flash fiction submission opportunities. This list is in no way exhaustive, rather, it represents publications that I know or have researched to some degree, and would feel confident recommending in a professional, educational setting. I hope most folks will sign up to take my class, but why be stingy? Might as well share that list here, too…and happy submitting!

Frequently published new material, cutting edge and traditional forms, “big names” and “first timers”–this publication is relatively new to the online literary scene but, having watched it since its inception, I can say with confidence that it hit the ground running and hasn’t let up. This is the kind of publication I wish I had time to devour every word of each week…alas. But don’t let that stop you from sending them your work–be it flash fiction, flash novels, or even an essay about why you write–they’re open to a wide variety and produce and overall professional, clean, respectable website with content your work would find good company in.
Their claim to fame is that they’re the “longest-running flash fiction magazine in the world.” A look through past issues and contributors lists will reveal early writings from young flashers of the time who are, now, today’s contest judges and award winners. They also review flash fiction collections, and are therefore a handy resources for inspiring publications in the genre.

About as long as it takes you to smoke one cigarette…that’s how long your submission of flash fiction should be to this publication, which has high standards but isn’t as inaccessible (or expensive) as something like Glimmer Train. The perk here is that Smokelong works with a rotating editor every week–which means a quick response time to your submission, and that you can cater your submission when the “right” editor comes along. This is truly an invitation to “do your homework,” as they say, by finding out who the upcoming editors are, studying their work and aesthetics, and deciding if you think you work is a good match.

These folks take a while to respond, but they’re every bit worth the wait. When my contributor copies arrived from the UK, I held in my hands a small collection of all flash fiction (or reviews of flash fiction books) that was top-notch. I could have taught a course using the single issue my work appeared in–the variety was that rich and of such caliber. Bonus: If you get accepted, you get to say you are “published internationally.” It’s also nice to be recognized by a university, and the editors are real human beings with busy lives but an obviously long-standing affinity and taste for the flash form.
These folks used to be Future Cycle Flash–a magazine and small press. Now they’re reincarnated and, while not particularly difficult to get into, still working hard to maintina a high standard for quality flash fiction. Check them out and, especially if you’re a first time submitter, send them your work!
These folks are also a small press and often host an annual micro fiction chapbook contest that’s worth keeping an eye out for. They publish traditional and experimental forms, are easily digestible, and backed by one of today’s top flash fiction authors, editors, teachers, and writers, Randall Brown. Absolutely worth sending them your work!
This is affiliated with the online magazine called Prime Number, which is further affiliated with Press 53 publishing company. Great content, great variety, great editors, and a highly-motivated, go-get-’em mission that I’ve seen in action over the past 9 (?) years from various connections. Have at it!
Last but not least, here are a few publications I’m still researching that have recently caught my eye:
  • Litro: http://www.litro.co.uk/submit/
  • Okey Panky: http://okeypanky.com
  • The List Magazine: https://www.list.co.uk/articles/flash-fiction/

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