Wedding Whirlwind Photos

The wedding went off “without a hitch,” as they say, and Brad and I are still soaring from the love, support, and blessings of community that gathered to witness and celebrate our marriage. Our photographer Nancy Smith is a hiking club friend who has a true gift. She understood and intuited the spirit of each moment, and captured it.

It’s impossible to recreate the energy of the weekend–from a bachelorette party with 6 of my most influential women friends across my lifetime, to a rehearsal dinner of 80+ friends and family for a giant game of trivia, to the wedding ceremony and poem that moved us all, to the brunch and parties afterwards that went on, and on, and on…

But I can say this: My mother did the most incredible job planning the day. We succeeded in our goal of creating a community-centered weekend that maintained the perfect balance of formal and silly, mountain and momentous. We had kazoos and sparklers, but also champagne and a moment of silence. We had delightfully inappropriate (and therefore appropriate) jokes and moshing, as well as a traditional First Dance and a line of strapping men in kilts.

Here are a few photos from the wedding–though there was so much before and after, it’s quite challenging to select images. For live action, don’t miss this video of the most ridiculous dad/daughter dance ever. I’m biased, but truly–Nirvana and Madonna? Yes. It can be done.

If you’re a sucker for weddings in general, or super interested in seeing more of Nancy’s fine work, you can use this link to access the “Top 100” images from the wedding day itself, this link for goofy bios of our best friends (wedding party), and this link to see the house rental we were given as a gift by our cousins Joe and Haven (who own the rental).

Thanks for indulging me…and now, back to regularly scheduled writing life programming!

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